About Diesel Connection

We are a local, family owned & operated Diesel repair shop. As a diesel shop, we work on ALL diesel engines; Duramax, Cummins, and Powerstroke. At our shop, we have great group of employees and highly qualified diesel mechanics that you can trust with your truck. In fact, we do work on ALL diesels but Tom specializes in Duramax while Casey specializes in Powerstrokes. We love where we work & play and love giving back to the same community that continuously supports us.


Our Family

Diesel Specialists
Thomas (Tom) Smith

Thomas (Tom) Smith

Owner & Head Mechanic tom@dieselconnectionllc.com

Tom has been doing mechanical repairs since his teen years, welding and working on heavy equipment for 25+ years.  His interest in automotive diesel engines began in the 80’s with the 6.2 and has only grown since.  After doing a 12 valve conversion on his own custom Chevy pickup, he found himself helping on other people’s conversions and projects.  Then wanting a challenge and finding a lack of repair shops wanting to work on Duramax engines due to their low tolerances and high time requirements, he found his niche.  Not having the capital to start his own business he went to North Dakota to weld and do mechanical work in the Bakken oil fields.  After 2 years in North Dakota and working on diesel engines on his days off, a need for a shop to specialize in Duramax engines as well as getting vehicles repaired in a cost efficient, timely manner was clear.  The dream for Diesel Connection LLC began.

The Girls



Bossy Mom

Keeps the guys in line. Bringer of food & many Monsters. Occasionally orders parts and does invoices.